Steinerei 2020

BrickHario won the award for the „Best Stop Motion Animation“ with the brickfilm „Box Of Red“ at the Steinerei 2020, on 13.06.2020!

The german brickfilm contest „Steinerei“ was held for the first time online and livestreamed on Youtube instead of showed at a cinema because of the pandemic.

The brickfilm „Box Of Red“ is a drama thriller film inspired by Christopher Nolan’s movie „Memento“ that is presented as two different sequences of scenes interspersed during the film: A reverse series in black and white with the color red being isolated that represents the future and a chronologically shown series in color that represents the present. The two sequences meet at the end of the film, producing one complete and cohesive narrative. Who lies behind it?

Summary: The main character sees three store windows that are part of a festival with unicolor statues, but one is empty. A box arrives at the door with a red apple. By touching the red apple, slowly the protagonist starts to turn into a red statue. The character is locked up by secret agents in the empty store window and is now part of the show. But the main character changes the future after getting a flashback of the future that has never
happened yet.