First viral video!

The story about my yet most popular video on Youtube!

Since February 2020 I started to experiment with various film ideas to reach a wider audience and learn more about how YouTube works. Around March the lockdown begun in Austria and suddenly I had more time to work on brickfilms, so I started publishing weekly.

After a couple of weeks I had the idea to make a table tennis lego animation, but an even better one than the one a year before. Since I like playing table tennis in real life and I know about the rules and famous players, I decided to make a remake of a final match, but with Lego. This video I made up myself the rallies and the course of the match, so looking back to it, I didn’t have thought that it could become that popular. It was about Timo Boll VS Ma Long at the World Cup 2017, a very exciting match.

After a few hours after I uploaded it, suddenly the view count nearly doubled from 50 to 90 which confused me quite a bit, later I found out that these views came from a table tennis forum where it was shared. Three days later the video grew pretty above the average but not too special. That morning a fan page of Timo Boll with 30k followers contacted me via Instagram and asked me if they can share my video. I was very happy and gave them permission. They uploaded it on Instagram, a platform where it’s quite hard to access a link, but I could see slightly faster growth on my Youtube video. During day 4 in the morning, the numbers went crazy. In one hour the video got about 80 views and the hours after the same amount but slowly decreasing. For other videos, I had to wait months to get to 800 views and my Timo Boll VS Ma Long Lego Animation got that in a few hours. I thought I’ve experienced all but on the next day, the video exploded. You could say it went viral.

Why? Timo Boll shared it on his Facebook account. He commented only with a 😀 Smiley but it was enough to finally reach thousands of people especially because Facebook in contrast to Instagram is a platform where you can easily click on a link. After that, I saw how big german table tennis communities, table tennis clubs and table tennis fans all around the world shared my video. The biggest one being They supported my next videos and gave me even an Interview! Another big thing was that ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) asked me if they can upload my video to all their social media accounts. Now my video has 7,5k views and I’m working on new ones!